A life for Architecture

Our Story

Luigi Bruno, Italian architect and designer, was born in Naples in 1953 and he took his graduation at the Naples University “Federico II” in 1981. His education gave him the opportunity to learn from the masters of the Italian architecture and of the classic and contemporary design, as Riccardo Dalisi, Alberto Samonà, Massimo Pica Ciamarra and others. After his first experiences in southern Italy, where he nicely interpreted the Mediterranean nature of architecture in that area, his most important professional turning point was the move to Verona in the Nineties. Verona is an historic city of Northern Italy, but also the cradle of a great architectural tradition, the district of high-level cabinetry companies, the place of the excellence of furniture making, of marble works and of every element that the pure Italian design offered all over the world. Here, he started to study again the working techniques and he understood the value of what he was seeing and experiencing, instead of rejecting the elements which were out of the rationalism he was taught during the university period... and this fact made Companies in Veneto found in Luigi Bruno an outstanding interpreter of the classic modernity in everything he designed.

Leonardo Bruno, Italian architect and designer, was born in 1990 in the province of Verona. He studied his first three years of Architecture in Mantova, a branch of Politecnico of Milan. In the Gonzaga's city he developed a sensibility for historical heritage, participating to various projects on the Ducale's Palace. He completed his studies in 2014, graduated with honors, in Milan, at the headquarter of the Politecnico of Milan with a thesis on a restoration of an ancient rural complex and the necessary territorial marketing to bring it back to life. After the studies and some experiences in other studios like BRUNONI ASSOCIATI in Mantova he began to work with his father Luigi exploiting the opportunity to learn day by day from his experience. Now he's pursuing the study's work by merging his creativity and design language with his father's experience and style. In that way BRUNO ARCHITETTI studio is able to offer sensibility and love for every aspect of Architecture.

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